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The World’s First Hand Gesture Controlled Robotics Kit for Everyone.

What is Ziro?

Ziro is a modular robotics kit made up of individual mechanized motor modules that are controlled by a wireless smart glove.

Design and construct your robots out of any material you have available including our pre-made starter kits. Attach the Ziro modules to animate your creations using continuous rotational or hinge movements.

Use the smartphone app to configure the modules using the pre-made programming templates or input your own custom gestures.

Control your creations remotely using the Ziro smart glove. Your hand gestures send commands to the modules so that when you move, they move.


How it works.

Bring your creations to life with our hand-controlled robotics kit!


Create your robot out of any material available. Ziro’s modular construction allows you to constantly build and rebuild. Get started using our pre-made kits or assemble your own personal designs.

Ziro Robot

Ziro Dog


Connect your robot to the smart glove using a mobile app. You can program gestures to control the robot without any coding!


Use the Ziro smart glove to make your robot move. Watch your creations come alive right in front of your eyes.

Why is Ziro Awesome?

Hand Gesture Control

Smart glove sensors understand hand and finger gestures to enable fun, immersive interactions.

Save Smartphone Zombies

While Ziro is programmed using a mobile phone, it enables the user to build real-life objects with their own two hands, and then control with one.

Limitless Possibilities

Build fun vehicles, adorable toys, and useful tools with Ziro Modules. The possibilities are endless.

Fast Build Time

Build fully functional robots in under 30 minutes with our easy to assemble kits.

Easy to Configure

Ziro is ready to play with only a few taps on the Ziro mobile app.


Ziro is also at home in the classroom. When making and playing with Ziro, students learn the fundamentals of engineering, physics, and design.

Environment Friendly

Ziro enables building robots using non-plastic and eco-friendly materials such as cardboard boxes. Put your Amazon boxes to good use!

Universal Appeal

Ziro appeals to boys and girls of all ages.

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